How you can use authority to get new business…

I was reading a really interesting magazine article on the weekend about authority. Given a choice, who among us doesn’t put our trust and confidence in the man or women who has relevant, authoritative credentials?

Think of the Doctor.   The majority of people take for granted the prescription their doctor gives them.  No arguments. In fact, many doctors will tell you that they are treated very different (with more respect) once they earn their “Doctor” status.

So how can we learn from this for our own business?

Take a look at the following examples….

Which of the choices gives you more confidence that the person can wire up the renovation you have just completed? Mr Alan Richards, Electrician…. Mr Alan Richards, Master Electrician

Which bakery are you more likely to walk into? DD’s Meat Pies …. DD’s World’s Best Meat Pies

Who would you call on, to handle the busted pipe that is flooding your kitchen floor? Mr John Black, Plumber…. Mr John Black, Master Plumber

People accept authority.  You have to create it first though, so they will believe.

Here are some other ways to create authority..

1. Speak from the stage.  We spend the first 16 years of our life sitting in a class room listening to authoritative figures teaching us and taking their word.  We are trained to pay attention to people who speak from a stage.

 2. Author a book.

 3. Use celebrities or known personalities to endorse you or your business.  We listen to people who have authority, so if they tell people to use you, then there is a good chance people will.

I think the most important point here is you can create your own authority, and create your own credentials for yourself.  If you have earned credentials, then by all means use these.

But never hesitate to create your own.

Have a great week,


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  1. Additionally, conducting Webinars offers a great way to demonstrate your credentials.
    Webinar attendees are typically a very targeted and niched group because they are interested enough in your topic to commit to spending 60 – 90 minutes of their time listening to what you have to say.
    A webinar presenter can piggyback on the pre-existing trust of the audience in the same way a teacher can.

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