In depth analysis of:

  • Developing your core content
  • Using pictures to support your content

Sites to find images …
These guys are quite cheap when buying in bulk, and they’ve added a lot of images in the last 12 months.
One of my favourites because the search function is very intuitive.
This is the leading website with the best range – but they are a bit more expensive. They also have flash, footage and illustrations.
Shutterstock has a 25 images a day subscription option – very cheap, but potentially time consuming – A good option if you’ve got a VA with a bit of time to spare.
Also have a good range of video

Free Photo Sites

(NOTE: These may require attribution)

Another helpful site for web icons is:


Download The Video File To Your Computer …

Download Video File

Download The Presentation pdf document …

Download Powerpoint pdf


Develop your core content and find images to support the content.

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