I’ll Be Happy When …

So you’re not satisfied with life? You think it has no purpose or meaning? You think there should be more? Perhaps you don’t feel happy, or satisfied or fulfilled – or you’re sad, lonely and scared.

So here’s my question …

Is the PURSUIT of happiness itself creating stress in your life?

What Are You Chasing?

I’ll Be Happy When” was written by Susan Roberts (my mum) in response to this question.

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I’ll Be Happy When – The Words

Jimmy has a brand new coat.  I want one too, but what’s the hope?
Sarah’s Dad gave her a bear.  The one I wanted.  It isn’t fair.
They have it all, compared to me.  No wonder they are so happy

Exams too close and pressure’s on.  Vacations promise heaps of fun.
The days had better rush by fast, to close the books and farewell class.
And finally kiss school goodbye.  Then happiness will multiply.

Wish now to have a magic wand, to change my hair from dark to blond.
Get larger boobs and smaller feet.  A boyfriend then would be so neat.
To lose some weight and fit that dress.  So close to knowing happiness.

If only wages gave me more.  If only work was nine till four.
If only rents were half as dear and holidays were twice a year.
If only I could find more space, this world would be a happy place.

I’m now the boss and set the rules.  My kids are all at private schools.
Our house is large with ocean view.  The yacht is moored, the car is new.
At last my life will now begin.  Then why this emptiness within?

Too soon I’m old and near the end.  Now memories are my best friend.
With time at last to finally see, I had it all, but lost the key.
I chose to leave the best unseen.  The happiness that might have been.


Would love to know what you think of my Mum’s poem, and I’d love for you to share your thoughts below.

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  1. Everyday I try to think what it is that I hope to achieve, and how that will help me in life, but also what difference it will make to my life right now. I want to enjoy what I do and make sure to provide for the future, but I am also very careful to ensure that it doesn’t make life pass by me right now.

  2. I think to myself everyday if I am living life to the fullest because we all only have one life. It is sad to see that people takes years to become successful and cant really enjoy it because it is near their end.

  3. I have work on making my business successful for years and it is heartbreaking that I wasn’t their for my kids because I was always working.

    1. Thanks for sharing this Albert. The way our society places such a high value on money without taking into account other measures of success as well has resulted in a lot of people being in your situation.

  4. My hat’s tipped to your Mum for putting together that poem.
    I think that the pursuit can cause stress, when there’s a lack of resources and cash flow, but once you have a roof over your head, a car if you require one where you live, food in your belly and heat to keep you warm in winter, you have the basics covered and need to look carefully at what Needs and Wants you have, and be sure to categorize them correctly. Want a smartphone, but only Need a landline. Want an SUV but Need just a regular old Corolla. Want big diamond studs for the wife but Need, well, just big blingy CZs will do!

  5. so true…
    happiness doesn’t lie in the future….but available here and now as one’s state of mind irrespective of any wordly possessions …

  6. Yes,it is true that materialistic mind that craves for all that which will be left behind when one departs.Attachement is the problem,and it takes courage and strong resolute to be non attached to anything,example my wealth,my children,my this,and my that.Being satisfied with what one has and with basic necessities fulfilled and try to look down and not up.Look at the ones who don’t even have legs leave alone worrying about new pair of shoes.

  7. Beautifully video-ed.
    I have these thoughts myself to a great degree and have spent some time wondering about it all. Even at 70, I find it is still carrying on although I am fully aware of it all as a part of my own conditioning in this very materialistic world.

    Very though provoking … very true!

  8. Andrew keep up the good work. i love your work. excellent. this video needs to go viral to make the world stop and realise what we all have – giving time and love to each other – the only thing worth while!!

  9. It reads true for so many.
    I have a great life and the one thing I truly deeply long for is my
    Cronulla Sharks to win a premiership before I die.

    Poems line your mums make me realise without having a lot I’ve got plenty!!

    I must be living the dream..

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