Is More Better Terry?

At first glance ‘life’ says having more is better.

But does having MORE really make things better? Why is MORE better?

More money, more ‘toys’, bigger house, the better job, the better car…

We humans seem to need it. It’s an ingrained habit, a permanent thought… and we seem to be trained from birth that we need to DO more, GET more, BE more. MORE is better!

Hell, I still get caught up in thinking More Is Better… But you can’t just flick the switch off. It takes time and learning…

I recently interviewed Terry Hitzke. Terry has spent 27 years in his business Find Yourself In Nature conversing with people, out in nature, as to what’s really going on. Why they appear to always need more….

Terry insights are amazing, and I wanted to share them with you in this week’s Blog…


My time spent with Terry backpacking, camping and really seeking to understand this drive, this desire – that to have more is better was a huge shift.

I mean, I realised I’d been completing from day one! We’re competing from our first day of school – who’s got the best grade? Who’s in the best team?  They’ve GOT more than you, so they must be BETTER….

We’ve all felt that JEALOUSY – that place of jealousy that feeds us More Is Better….

But let’s not believe wanting LESS, or BALANCE is a weakness. It’s STRENGTH. Strength in rejecting what school, media, society and other people tell us we ‘should’ want.

Wanting and needing BALANCE is not weakness…

So how can we introduce balance into our lives?

Ask yourself –What’s going to bring me into balance?; NOT, How can I have more? OR be a different, larger version of myself…. what can bring you to Your Point Of Balance?  

That point of BALANCE where your harmony exists. It’s where we WANT to be.

And that point doesn’t have MORE.

If you have anything you’d like to add on Is More Better? Please, share your thoughts below. We’d love to hear from you.

Til next week,


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  1. Yes. I totally agree with with what you say. Balance with nature is actually THE answer. And as we are an aspect of nature, any deviation from that brings imbalance. The evidence for this is in our face day after day.

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