Learn how to make 6mths worth of Sales in 2 hours…

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If you have ever closed a sale one to one, then you should definitely read on as this information might just surprise you…..

Would you agree that to organise a one to one free appointment with someone these days (with an intention to sell something) is getting harder and harder?  There are more and more people offering either a free meeting or a free session to try their service before they buy, but it’s actually really hard work influencing someone to give up their time.  There are two reasons for this:-

1. They are too busy and their time is too valuable, and,
2. They have a fear that they are going to be sold to

Several years ago this was not the case, but today there are just too many companies competing for the attention of your target market.
You have the Life, or Business Coach that wants to give you a free coaching session.
You have the Personal Trainer that wants to give away a complimentary session.
You have the Mortgage Broker, Real Estate Agent and Financial Planner offering a complimentary 1 hour.

Basically there are just too many people competing for your target market.  Your prospects become over loaded with interruptions and just wants some space…… So what’s the solution?

Why not offer something of value….

One such way to do this is to run a workshop or a webinar (an online workshop) that actually educates your client and ADDS VALUE to them.

Let’s say you are a Mortgage Broker and you are targeting 40 to 60 year old investors.  Why not run a workshop/webinar on Property Investing?  You would no doubt have more knowledge than the general population on this subject, and you would definitely have tips that would add value to this niche market.

There are a number of benefits of running workshops and webinars:-

  1. They are low cost
  2. Easier to sell than 1:1 meetings
  3. Very low pressure for the prospect, as there is one –  many
  4. Easy to add value
  5. Grows your database really quickly
  6. You have the ability to make sales off the back end (I will teach you how to do this in a future blog)
  7. You can reach multiple people at once
  8. You can also use it as a tool to add value to your existing clients
  9. Very easy to get referrals to the next webinar

If you can master this powerful marketing solution,

your business will grow exponentially and you will really leverage your sales effort.

I have met people that have closed over $300k from running a 2 hour webinar.

You too can learn this skill.

Watch this space for future ideas on how to run workshops and webinars.

Until then, have a profitable day,


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