How To Mash – Not Your Potatoes – Your Product

Mashing is a powerful concept that can help you stand out in your marketplace and be really unique.

Mashing is 2 ideas “mashed” together to create a new concept. This idea was taught to me by Marshall Thurber.

Mashing of ideas is all around us – think about the Stand up paddle board – the idea of a canoe and a surfboard combined. Think about the snowboard, air B&B, Uber – all a combination of concepts.

So, how can you Mash?

Look at your customer base and ask yourself – “what are they doing that is great”

Look at different company offerings and ask yourself the same question.

And then ask yourself – what if I combined those two great ideas to create a completely new offer?

We did this when I created a new business called the Podiatry Hive.

We combined 4 ideas to form a unique offering for Podiatrists.

  1. Training on how to run a better business
  2. Buyers Group – for leverage and better cost savings
  3. Document Downloads – similar to a franchise concept
  4. Online community – so businesses could share problems and solutions.

And this is how you create a BLUE OCEAN.  If you have read the book BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY, you will know that a RED OCEAN is very competitive – like sharks competing in a feeding frenzy for the same fish.  But when you operate in the BLUE OCEAN, you are not competing with anyone and have the market to yourself

This is a powerful way to create something fresh and new and make your business unique.

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PPS:  This is a great book to read.

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