Procrastination. It’s not a dirty word…


Let’s take a look at that word.

So many of us think of it as a dirty word…

The Oxford Dictionary explains Procrastination as:

‘the action of delaying or postponing something’

While that gives you a definition – it doesn’t really explain why it happens.

Check out more in this week’s video below.

I think procrastination is a positive and is actually a blessing in disguise.

All of us procrastinate every now and then – it’s a very normal and very human thing to do. BUT don’t beat yourself up about it.

Beating yourself up just ensures you use negative self-talk …‘I am so ANGRY at myself for not getting that done. ‘Urgh … ‘I should be getting that done right now’…

The first thing you need to do is CHANGE YOUR VOCABULARY.  Starting with changing SHOULD to COULD.

There is a HUGE difference between these two words.

The second thing is truly – that procrastination can be a blessing in disguise.

If you’re experiencing procrastination, and it’s become quite frequent then it can also be that you’re in need of a break. Maybe a temporary break – get up, walk around, stretch, or take a walk around the block….

If it’s consistent, then more often than not, you’re in need of a holiday – it’s your body telling you, you need a break.

Don’t ignore this and push through. It has such a negative impact on your body, energy and confidence levels.

The third thing is important…in that, if you’ve worked through your vocabulary, maybe you’ve taken a break or a holiday, and you’re still procrastinating, them it’s time to focus on your lack of clarity…

Lack of Clarity is one of the KEY reasons people procrastinate.

Clarity is knowing exactly who you are and where you’re going, so you have a direction. You’re on the right bus. 

Use education to change direction rather than motivation to speed up.

And this is why I feel procrastination is a blessing in disguise…. It may well disguise your need for self-education, relaxation or change…

So – go internal, gain clarity on who you are and what you want, and ask yourself ‘what’s creating this?’‘what’s missing?’

We all experience procrastination from time to time… we’d love it if you could share your thoughts or strategies on how you get out of the ‘funk’, in the comments section below…

Remember, it could be the blessing in disguise you need.

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  1. Hi Andrew,
    Wow!! That is the best positive and uplifting article I have read about Procrastination. It makes so much sense! If you are working on something that does not fit in with your values by taking time to stp and question what you are doing really does help you look at things with fresh eyes and stops that continuous circle that I have found I get into
    Have an awesome day!????????????

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  2. Andrew! Thank you! You did it again!
    Just a big step ahead! It is called ACTING not reacting.
    And thank you for giving your insight, which is so right. Why are we doing this?
    Yes, it can be the environment! We may need a holiday! I need a holiday for years!
    Because nobody can go on and on forever. It is essential to take a break.
    As I work mostly on the computer from home, I make a fuzz about Breakfast, a fuzz about Lunch and a fuzz about Supper! I force myself to get up earlier and do some gym in my garden and my cat is running zig zag with me! My dog is doing her own thing and when I am finished, we go inside for Breakfast.
    I think that is why I can go on, because I take proper breaks. Be blessed! Ingrid Bothma

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  3. Love our take on it Andrew and I couldn’t agree more. Procrastination usually occurs for me when I need a break or I need to be doing something differently. I also find it’s usually a blessing because there was an underlying reason for the thing I was putting off and the delay almost always ends up being a good thing!

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  4. I am inspired by your post Andrew. It rings very true to me, although sometimes I feel that my procrastination is caused not by a lack of clarity, but by thoughts that the things that I want to accomplish (better career, etc.) are like mountains that are just too hard to climb. I’d be interested in your thoughts. Thanks!

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      Hi Matt,

      Its a good point – and I would actually say this still boils back to a lack of clarity. When you can very clearly see yourself with what you want and see yourself in the image, then you can move beyond the thing (fear) that is holding you back. by working harder on clarity – we begin to see the fear for what it is and realise its just our imagination playing games. Very hard to do when you don’t have strong clarity.

  5. I find that multi-tasking, especially as I take on new responsibilities) has helped tremendously on catching up on my ‘to-do’ lists. I will do things like organize/update files and accounts as I drink my essential morning coffee instead of sipping on my cup of joe while watching TV or letting my nails dry or hair set while checking mail. I find a lot of times I get stuck in a rut when I let myself be lazy just because I’ve worked hard and am tired. So managing to do things that are less taxing physically helps me keep up to date with my obligations.

    Thank you for this video. I found it very positive and the most helpful and useful way of thinking about procrastination.

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  6. This is a very intriguing post Andrew! The idea that procrastination results from a lack of clarity really rings true with me. When I think about when I procrastinate it is usually because I’m ambivalent or uncertain. When I am really clear on WHY I’m doing something I don’t find I usually hesitate, but you’re right Andrew when there is a lack of clarity that’s when I procrastinate.

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