Re-positioning Yourself Is Your Fastest Way To Make More Money

Sometimes, a small change in how you’re POSITIONED in your market place can lead to a HUGE increase in your profitability.

These days, there is NO excuses to remain boring.

If you are a business coach – DON’T call yourself this. You just fit the mold of everyone else. This applies to Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers, Personal Trainers and so on.

This video is going to talk about how to do this.

One of the best ways to think about your positioning, is to IGNORE what you do and FOCUS on the outcome you create for those you serve.

THEN – start referring to your self as that.

As an example, think of a nutritionist. If you call yourself a nutritionist – you are not unique. But if you reposition this to:

 “I serve Entrepreneurs and ensure they are operating at PEAK performance thorough the food they eat” we are starting to get somewhere. You see – you are now clear on the people you serve AND what they get from working with you. Just from doing this, our nutritionist separates themselves in the market place and can start charging premium prices for what they offer.

Re-positioning yourself is your fastest way to make more money.


PS: Stop copying what everyone in your industry is doing – because most are not doing it right…. 

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