Referrals – They’re Right Under Your Nose…

If you don’t ask – you don’t get

And asking CAN be simple.

A referral is where you ask people working with you or currently buying from you – to introduce your product or service to other people. It’s pretty simple.

Yet most people feel it’s more complex than that and DON’T ask.

Check out in the week’s video why….


People get nervous to ask – for FEAR OF REJECTION – a fear of that person saying  ‘no; I don’t know of anyone’  or even worse, a fear they will come out with ‘no, I don’t like you or your service, so I won’t refer anyone’

But remember; If you don’t ask – you don’t get.

Bill Allen’s teaching – poses a great question…

What requests aren’t I making that if I did, would transform my life or my business, beyond my wildest dreams?

The easiest place to seek referrals is from people you’re already serving. Particularly if you know you’re doing a good job and delivering value.

This is really important

What we want to do when asking is get more specific. We need to get right in – get them thinking and accessing different corners of their mind…

How do we do that?


Ask:  “Would it be ok, if I spend a little bit of time with you, and asked you some questions to find out if there is perhaps some family or friends you currently know – that you may be able to introduce to our product / service/ business?”

You’ll find, 9 times out of 10 – the response is ‘sure, fire away’

Then –  get specific


  • “Might there be someone in your football / netball team who could benefit from our product/service?”
  • “Might there be someone in your immediate family member or someone you work with……?”
  • “Would you work with someone who could benefit from our service?”

The MORE specific you can get, the more likely it is you’ll get the answer you’re looking for.

Til next time,


P.S. What are your tips for creating referrals?…. Would love to read your comments below

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