Shifts From A 4 day Meditation Retreat

If you mentioned the word spirituality to me when I was younger – I would have run the other way!!!

Recently I went to Fiji, and I recorded a short video to share with you some big insights I got from going on a 4-day meditation retreat.

Being a driven personality and high achiever, I have always enjoyed the challenge of chasing opportunities.

The older I get, the more I realise that chasing success in business does not bring the happiness I thought. I still love it, but I now know that having a spiritual side to my life is what brings the inner peace and fulfilment. In fact, I am investing more and more time and energy into my spiritual development.

I have done Vision Quests (where you sit alone in the bush and fast for 4 days), Ayahuasca (a shaman medicine that allows you to experience other layers of consciousness), daily yoga and I have been meditating for 7 years. Today spirituality is my number 1 value (and I love helping others expand this side to their life as I do believe it can help enrich your life). For me, all the other things fall into place once I have this in place.

This does not mean I am a better person or that I am enlightened, it just means I put a lot of my energy and effort into the development of my own soul and spirit.

The meditation retreat I went on was tough. I am an active person who likes to move and sitting for long hours is hard for me. I’d rather run a marathon!

Especially the first 2 days and part of the toughness was the inner critic that was going on and on about what is wrong with me and the current situation.

I was condemning my stiff muscles, my soar back and my busy mind …

And then came the insight … I remembered the thing I teach all the time: ‘What you focus on gets bigger’

I focussed so much on the problems that they took over the whole space in my mind…

Then I made the shift and focussed on the space instead of the problem …

And suddenly I realised the gigantic size and expansiveness of my mind – spacious like an entire universe and my problems were tiny…

… I experienced the relativity of space and a feeling of deep peace …

Leaving the retreat I felt so peaceful and clear. It almost felt I could see more of the world.

I am fortunate to be married to a yoga and meditation teacher and my wife and I are sharing this big passion for meditation and spirituality. Several years

I would really love to know if you also have an interest in spirituality and meditation and what your experiences are.

Best wishes

Andrew Roberts

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