Should you step or LEAP ahead?

Did you know that to make a million dollars per year, working 40 hours a week for 48 weeks per year you need to make at least $500 every hour?  And the thing is we haven’t even taken expenses out of this yet!

And then, I see many business owners travelling for an hour to do a sales call, spending 2 hours with a prospect – presenting a solution, follow up for the next 2 weeks then eventually make a $500 sale.  The thing is, when you calculate the time it took to get that sale, and the costs involved in running the business then it would probably work out to be less than $20 per hour. This is crazy stuff but people keep doing it!!!

We are often taught that we should take baby steps when embarking on a new project or idea. In many cases, this has merit. However, it can sometimes make sense – and is more efficient – to leap ahead instead.

Often, the actual effort is the same whether you step or leap. It’s just you have to overcome more fear when you are jumping into the unknown. But once you get over that fear, this could make a huge difference to your business.

Can you do more with less?

Why is it that most people think they have to put in more work and more hours to get a bigger result? It’s about doing “more with more”. But that often means they are working so hard they don’t have time to think creatively, have time off – or simply enjoy life.

Conversely, some business owners make the decision to pull back and “do less with less”. In other words, they reduce the number of hours and amount of energy they put into the business in order to achieve a good work/life balance – but they also resign themselves to the fact their income will be reduced as well.

Now here is a great question to ask yourself, “How can I do more with less?” It’s an approach I’ve been thinking about a lot lately because we’ve been conditioned to think that hard work and ladder climbing is the logical way to get ahead. You chip away at the obstacle in front of you and eventually it will start to crumble. You look at your goal in the distance and put one foot in front of the other, slowly making your way there.

So how do I leap ahead?

For some reason, we have been ingrained to work really hard. We have been bought up to save like crazy for a home loan, then to eventually buy the place and then pay it off really slowly over the next 25 years.  Who says it has to be this way?   What if you could work for a few days and get together enough money for a deposit on that home?  What if you could then work a few more and pay it off?  How can you do this?

It’s a matter of thinking differently.

You don’t have to be stuck with the idea that everything in business needs to be a hard slog. There may be other avenues you haven’t explored that can allow you to achieve more in a shorter space of time. The key is to open your mind to them – so you’re ready when opportunity knocks.One such way of doing this is from running Webinars and Workshops.  That is, selling to a group of people at once.  Many people have a fear of this, but once you make the commitment to face this fear and get over it – remarkable things start coming your way.

Here is a summary of my monthly billings in 2008 before I ran Webinars and Workshops:-

February 08:    $25k
March 08:          $26k
April 08:             $28k
May 08:               $20k

I then introduced a Workshop system into my business.  The results blew me away.  This is my monthly sales for the following 4 months:-

June 08:                $125k
July 08:                 $118k
August 08:           $162k
September 08:   $119k


All from learning a new strategy that could help me GET MORE (i.e. money) WITH LESS (time energy and money)

For the small investment of $97 you too can learn this skill.  Be quick as there are only 30 seats available. 

Register at

Remember – true success is just on the other side of your fears.  Isn’t it time you backed yourself and had a crack because you only get one shot at life!

See you soon,

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