The Brain vs. the Computer

Unbelievable! Did you know?

1. Our brain is approximately 75% water – so the more water you drink the better your brain functions?
2. 50% to 80% of all visits to the doctor can be traced to psychological reasons.

When you think about it, our brains are just like the hard drive of a computer. When a computer has too many windows open and it’s trying to process too much at once it slows down. The exact thing is true of someone trying to do too much at once…

In addition, if a computer doesn’t have protection against viruses, it can crash.  If a human doesn’t look after themselves then they can crash.  If a computer isn’t shut down daily, it will wear out quickly. If a human doesn’t have their 7 hours of sleep the same can happen.

If we don’t delete old and unwanted files in the computer, it can have a negetive effect on the speed.  What files do you need to get rid of from your brain?

If we load time wasting software onto a computer (e.g. games etc), the result can mean hours of unproductive output.  What unnecessary things (TV, internet browsing, negative news) are you feeding yourself unnecessarily?  On the other end of the spectrum, when we load useful software onto a computer, we can get an amazing output from it.  The same is true of a human,.  When we read a book to help us with our life, or listen to a great audio program, it can have a huge impact on our output.

So to speed a computer up, we can do the following:-

  1. Delete old files
  2. Remove software we no longer use
  3. Defragment
  4. Upgrade the hard drive
  5. Put new Ram
  6. Service the computer
  7. Empty the trash
  8. Rebuild the computer
  9. Buy a new one

We cannot do all of these with our brain, but we can certainly do SOME things.  Remember – feed your mind great things – feed your life great things.


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