The Faintest Ink Is Stronger Than the Strongest Thought

Did you know that you are 10 times more likely to do something when you write it down?

Henriette Anne Klaueser wrote a book called “Write It Down, MAKE IT HAPPEN”.  It’s very true.  And personally, I think it’s far more likely to happen when you add pen to paper as opposed to text to a screen.

There is something that happens at a subconscious level when you put ink to paper.  This is why I believe it’s really important to sit down and write down where you see yourself at 5 years, then 12 months time.  Once you have this list, then you break it back to what you want achieved in the next 90 days.

I also believe you will double your productivity when you plan out your week.  For me, I like to write down personal goals first – health, family, social, education, etc.  And then I will add in my business goals which are taken from my 3-month plan.  The next step is to add these tasks to your calendar.  If they are not in there, they wont get done.

Finally – a daily planner is something that will set you up for the day.  I have a brilliant template to help you.  If you would like a copy please email us at

So remember – don’t rely on your thoughts.  Write it down and make it happen.


p.s I also have a great weekly planner template as well – just email us at if you would like a copy.

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