The Great Depression #2 Is Coming…

Now that I have your attention I want to make a very important statement.

The End Of The World Is NOT Coming

We might be experiencing a bit of hardship, but I guarantee you if you apply what I am teaching below – you will be fine.

There is so much noise going on at the moment.  The media is telling us that things are tough and things are bad.  That business is suffering and we are destined for depression.

But before I get into this I want to ask you a very important question.
When you spend your money has it gone?   If it’s gone – where has it gone to?  Has it disappeared?

Really think about this. It’s not like the money has been flushed down the toilet never to be seen again.  It’s simply moved from one place to another place.  It hasn’t actually been spent at all.

You see – so many people play it safe at the moment because they believe that when they spend money it’s gone.  When you buy something you don’t actually spend money.  You are in fact circulating the money.

So let’s look at America.  They haven’t spent their money.  The money hasn’t gone.  They have simply circulated more money into the global economy.  The money hasn’t shrunk.  The money is still out there.  Someone else has it.  And it doesn’t mean that it won’t circulate back to America.  Give it some time – it will.   They are simply experiencing a bit of a clean out.

So here’s 4 ways we can deal with this …

Lesson #1.  Replace The Word Spend With The Word Circulate

By using the word spend you are telling yourself it’s gone.  By using the word circulate, you are telling your subconscious its coming back to you.  Soon you will really start to enjoy circulating your money.

Lesson #2.  Have Some Patience

People overestimate what they can do in 1 year, but underestimate what they can do in 10.   Wealth is nothing but a redistribution network.   Wealth distributes money away from impatient people towards patient people.

There is SOOOO much money to be made out there.  If it’s not happening for you right now – have some patience.  Keep believing. It will come.  Too many people quit before it comes.

If you believe that business in your local area is tough, then this next lesson is for you:-

Lesson #3: Go Where The Money Is

If you were effected by the floods in Brisbane, the earth quakes in New Zealand or the Tsanami in Japan – and this has affected business in your local area – does this mean that you can’t target other areas that aren’t effected?

Could American business owners who are a really struggling because their economy is in a savings mode – not look to market their products to other countries?  What is stopping them from doing this?

Could you think outside the square and market your products or services elsewhere if you’re not getting the results in your immediate area?

There are only 2 places that we can operate from.  FEAR or FAITH

I live in Brisbane, Australia.   We have the most amazing lifestyle.  Amazing weather, incredible people and one of the best standards of living in the world.   Yet – I meet so many entrepreneurs who are worried that their business isn’t making money, that people aren’t buying their products or services.

These people are operating from a place of fear. They are spending more time focusing on what they don’t want.  If you have been into Brisbane and crossed the Story Bridge and the exited towards New Farm, there is a large sign written on the inside of the bridge that states …


This is so true.  If you are fearful and worried then you’re just making the problem bigger.

Lesson #4: Operate From A Place Of Faith

When we operate from a place of faith, we have confidence and belief that things are going to work out.  We don’t get caught up worrying about what is happening around us at the moment.  We keep our energy focused on where we are going.  Obstacles are what we see when we take our eyes off our goals.

It’s all to do with what we are feeling.


You need to create the faith and belief that your goals are going to happen.
This will allow opportunities to flow into your business and your life.  Stress and worry will not serve you.
It’s a waste of your time and energy.

So  – set the goal – believe you can achieve it and allow it to unravel.

Even if the great depression is coming again, let’s embrace it.  Remember – there were more millionaires made in the last depression than any other time in history.

Oh – and one last thing …

Stop Paying Attention To The Media!

It simply leaks negativity.  It will stress you out and rot the belief out of you.

I’d love to know what people are talking about out there when it comes to the economy and the media frenzy feeding on this.

Please comment below to start the discussion!

til next time,


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