Using Webinars To Inspire

This week’s post was written by my business partner, Jono. In it, he talks about why it is so important to learn how to inspire people.  Andrew

Defining Your “Why” …

If you’ve been reading Andrew’s blog posts for a while, or if you’re one of our Flip Your Life members, you’ll have an inkling about how high a value we place on defining your own “Why” …

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Why is the “WHY” important?

People like to be part of a community that “gets” them. People also like being with other people who believe what they believe. You need to be able to clearly define “WHY” you do anything in order to make sense of “WHAT” it is you do, or “HOW” you do it.

We have been using webinars as a super-strategy in our business for explaining the “WHY” for many products and services.

When you start talking about why you believe what you believe, then you start attracting other people who believe what you believe.


Defining My “Why” …

One of the most powerful concepts I think we teach relates to the famous quote attributed Albert Einstein …

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results”

I help people who are experiencing pain (because they are stuck) to change so they can get better results, whether in their personal life or in their business.


Using Webinars To Inspire

A couple of times each year, Andrew and I present a live webinar on how to run webinars. We also use live webinars to sell membership into our niche business mentoring programs and the Flip Your Life program.

If you’re in business, running a webinar is the best way I know of explaining and sharing your “Why”. It’s also the best way I know of finding and connecting with a big group of people who actually care about your “why”.

So you have a strong “WHY”? Has it made a difference in your ability to inspire those around you? I’d love to read your comments below…

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  1. I love it how we can hear the same message over and over in so many different ways. Thanks Jonathan, you have emphasised Andrew’s (and many successful people for that matter) the point on how important our WHY’s are.


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  2. I miss your webinars every time! we are in a different time zone.. but I love what you say. My WHY? begins with what I want to achieve in my life and why I want to do it… to reach my WHY… I had to shake off a lot of flaky ideas and connect with a plan that could lead me to where I want to go. I am a personal assistant with my private business. I dont want to die with dreams in my head, but rather, reach a purpose that will axcite me! ….does this make sense?

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